Clothing many choices

Clothing – OMG What am I going to wear?
How do I find them? Where?

In Buenos Aires, there are so many places to buy clothes. In San Telmo. In Palermo. In Recoleta and at most Milongas. But sometimes, one must an appointment to visit!

One of my favorites places is a lovely showroom out by Palermo that you have to schedule an appoint with but then you get to meet Erika Urrutia Onel. This is her story…

I graduated as a Fashion Designer 20 years ago in Chile, and I have been a professional tango dancer since 2010.

in 2015 I moved to Buenos Aires and decided to create my own clothing brand, so that I could join my both passions together: dress design and dancing.

In May 2015, Onel Clothes & Tango was born. First, it was only me, but soon after, more people were added, forming a team that has been fundamental to the exponential and overwhelming growth we have had.

Onel is a boutique located in Buenos Aires, where we design customized dresses for professional dancers and milongueras.

We have three different dresses  collections: Milonga, Tango Pista, Tango Escenario.

And at a the Milonga called Sueno Porteno, I met another wonderful clothing designer, Carla Cordoba. Her clothes are easy to wear and very fun to dance in, as she too is a tango dancer.
Dressing Johana Copes in 2016

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