Artwork from around the world.

Willow Bader – This Feeling from Long Ago, Encaustic on panel 32 inches x 50 inches

For me when traveling I always try and find artists that express the emotions of Tango.

One of my favorites Tango painters is from Seattle, her name is Willow Bader.

I have know her for many years, and she paints in Encaustic [Bee’s wax and pigment] or oils. The works capture the feeling and emotions of Tango, as Willow herself is an accomplished dancer

Two Become One , Encaustic 8 x 12
Love Leads, Love Follows, Encaustic 18 x 19

More of her works are available from All works shown are for sale. For more information contact me or the artist, and please mention you found her work on

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