Dancing Social Tango
Social dancing Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Social Tango in Buenos Aires

Primarily, this site will help you to navigate the world of social Tango. As your concierge of information and host, have been traveling to dance for about three year. Was supposed to stay in Buenos Aires, for only 3 months last year. Then the quarantine came into the world and the world of social dancing and Tango came to a crashing stop. With so much chaos in the world, I decided to stay here in Buenos Aries and live like a local.

Moving in Buenos Aires

Meanwhile after having moved around Buenos Aires, a few times, I have settled in Barrio Norte, Recoleta. Am living a well intentioned life as am able to get all my shopping for daily life done within 15 minutes from my home. As the world of social Tango slowly returns, will keep you informed of What’s Happening in Buenos Aires .

So Here’s Something new for YOU!

The Tango Partner App

Tango partner app photo of Ruthoffen.com
Me dancing with one of my favorite leads from Denmark!

A young team of dancers has developed an app for the post-corona era that lets tango
dancers find like-minded people at home and on the go. to go tango dancing.

Get Tango Partner App
Whether it’s to find the best local milongas, a dance partner for joint training, a workshop
an event, or just to have a glass of wine together. Download Tango Partner App
Click on the link below to get download the app, I look forward to seeing you there!

In conclusion if you are curious as to who I am. Please read about me on my personal blog Ruthoffen.com my life story as many others and the path to social Tango has been very circuitous. Born outside New York, in Jersey City and have lived in many cities including Boston, San Francisco, Miami and Seattle, but most recently before living in BsAs was living on an island north of Seattle. But having started my nomadic lifestyle, will see once this pandemic is over where I will be living. Life is an adventure. La vida es Tango!

There will be guest authors from around the world, informing us about the status dancing in their spots, ie Europe, South America and United States.

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