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In case you have not heard…

As of today, Friday April 16th, 2021 day 393 of Quarantine, the president of Argentina Alberto Fernandez had added extra protocols to the current restrictions, as Argentina is experiencing it’s second wave of coronavirus. Yesterday’s numbers were very high for the 3rd day in a row, approximately 29,000 new cases…the hospitals are experiencing a large influx of cases.

The most impactful restrictions are no one is allowed out after 8pm or before 6 am. The city is locked down at night from the rest of the province to prevent further transmissions.

Business and restaurants have to be closed and employees home by 8pm.

But by far the one that has caused the most reactions are the closing of all schools again, after barely a couple of months of being open.

This leaves many upset and frustrated parents, as all involved where settling into a new pattern and kids were getting the education that they lacked for the previous months of lockdown. This restrictions is only suposed to be until April 30th…many parents and educators fear will be the rest of the year. Personally I believe that parents and students and teachers will not allow this to happen. Am sure a large demonstration will occur. And perhaps the school lockdown will only go until the end of April.

Meanwhile the signs of fall are in the air. The mornings have a slight chill until the sun and its warmth are directly overhead.

For a closed to the world country, I find it odd to hear so many planes in the sky and recently lots of helicopters flying around the city. The president, did mention bringing in the army to supplement the police in the compliance of the new restrictions.

Worlwide, we all have pandemic burnout, but will see what people will endure from the government for their own protections.

The world is a big crazy place…we only have the moment.

From Buenos Aires, listening to tango music of Osvaldo Pugliese’s Amurado on my laptop, I am reminded why I live in this beautiful city, where resiliency is the middle name of all the people. We will survive.

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Created by, Ruth Offen the founder/director of WaterWorks Gallery, a gallery opened in 1985 to showcase contemporary artists and jewelers that live and work in the Pacific Northwest. After 37 years, I have decided to spend more time enjoying life by dancing tango all over the world, traveling, continuing to develop my photography. Over many decades of amassing a personal art collection, now the process of downsizing is becoming a reality. How do we have more with less? Staying true to the motto, unencumbered by our possessions and not burdening our children with our stuff. This next process will take patience and courage. On the road to happiness. Its' the journey that counts!

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