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And the new restricciones

Wahoo. On Saturday, June 12th we learned what the new restricciones are. We are back to the future. The number of cases has come down and more vaccines have arrived. People still wear masks on the street, socially distanced from one another and the use of alchohol is obligatory.

And the new restrictions are:

We can now stay out until 11pm.

The hours we have to be off the streets and in our homes are mandated from 12pm to 6am.

Restaurants can serve food until 11pm as long as they are serving food and alchohol outside.

As the season is getting colder, after all it officially becomes winter on June 21, with the arrival of the winter solstice, many restaurants and cafes now have heaters. It’s a crazy kind of cozy!!!

The kids of all school ages are back to school with alternative days of in person and online learning.

The shopping malls will reopen, as they have been closed since the beginning of May. They will have the amount of people allowed in this closed space be limited.

Movie theaters will open too with limits on how many people can be in the theatre at one time.

Gyms reopen with most workouts and gatherings of people to be held outside. Some types of exercise classes will be held inside.

And here’s the interesting one, groups of 10 people can gather for events outside. Hmmm an outdoor milonga for 10 or less people.

Currently we are in halfway through June 2021, and in this country of 44 million, approximately 13 million people have been vaccinated. The new variant of the coronavirus, Delta has arrived here, but hopefully was caught on arrival at Eze airport with the testing. This event was featured in local online periodical.

Previously with the warmer weather, many outdoor clandestine Milongas happened in the evenings in the parks, but as the lockdowns got greater and stronger, these events ceased.

Am not ready for an outdoor milonga, as my knees complain greatly about dancing on concrete and or asphalt.

But my thoughts are hopeful that this country will open for international tourism in October or November. This country in my opinion desperately needs a fresh injection of dollars from the outside world.

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