Yes, Finally, We Can…

Tango. Bailando tango otra vez!!!

So fabulous. Marvelosa.

The Milongas begin again.

Yes with masks.

Yes Proof of two vaccines

Yes with alcohol

And depending on the Milonga location, some rotation of partners and others not.

Many changes have occurred. Some spaces are gone for good, but others will crop back time.

Just a few images of what is going on here in Buenos Aires courtesy Facebook. Reservations are neccesary.

Sueno Portenyo has a new location.

As I attend more, will let you know.

Now we await the country’s opening to the world.

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As to bio, I was born in New Jersey, and eventually after living in New York, Boston, Boulder, San Francisco, Castlegard, British Columbia and Canada landed most recently on San Juan Island, in Washington state and now am living in Buenos Aires since January 2020... For 35 years, years I have curated a contemporary art gallery, where I refined my skills and became the visual editor that I am now. Always with a camera or some picture capturing device in tow [including much heavy equipment] I began to travel and at the same time was introduced to dancing about 12 years ago. As the phones have improved, I have given up all my gear, including my beloved Fuji, Xt1 Pro for a good phone. Yes some shots are not as good on the phone, but for my love of detail and dancing, it suits me well. The secret of tango is in this moment of improvisation that happens between step and step. It is to make the impossible thing possible: to dance silence. Carlos Gavito La Vida es Tango! Tango es la Vida! Abrazo Grande

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