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Current Milongas: Deliciosas

I Love living in Buenos Aires especially now.

Tango has returned to the city. When you look at Hoy Milonga there are 15 or so Milongas and practicas a day during the week and as many as 20 per day on the weekend.

Last week, I went dancing Sunday night at lo de Cillia (Barajando Milonga) in San Cristòbal.

Tuesday afternoon went to El Beso (Champagne Milonga) in Balavanera.

Wednesday evening went to Sueno Portenyo in their new home in San Telmo.

Thursday afternoon went to Nuevo Chique in Monserrat.

I took Friday off from dancing as I had diner at a friend’s house.

Saturday night went to El Beso for Milonga de Las Morochas.
Dancing Tango until 2.30 in the morning. Ah was so happy!!!
Sunday not dancing.

Monday night am planning on going to New Gricel for Lucy’s. Milonga. She used to have this Milonga at now closed Obelisco.

This week will go to La National in Monserrat for Sans Sauci Milonga. The Milonga Parakultural is now in San Telmo outside under the stars at the Mercedes Sosa Cultural Center, inl San Telmo on Tuesday nights. Plus there are a few places I have never been and want to try out.

Many things have not changed, as reservations are still needed at all venues.
Proof of Vaccinations are usually required.
Most venues request masks. Some there is no rotation of partners and at others there are. The cabeceo is still used or a simple head nod by either dancer, to signify that you have accepted the request to dance.

And on November 1, am imagining a flood of people arriving, all wanting to explore and experience this city. That day, Monday is the last day of Restricciones.
According to my Instagram account, the final day count of this country’s closure to the world is 570 days. I have posted a foto a day since the beginning of Quarentine.

Welcome back!
See you on the floor.
Abrazo grande.

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