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Tango en Nueva Chique, January 2022

When this site was created August, last year, my intent was to inform tango people worldwide about what was going on in Buenos Aires, currently my home city.

Now a year and a half later, the corvid virus continues it’s mutations affecting our lives. My hope is we as people and our governments are getting a bit better at adapting to the virus without the drastic means of the past year and we will not have to endure any more strict lockdowns.

Dancing at Sueño Portenyo

As a photographer, I will post more fotos and videos of dancing here…I want you to feel as if you are living here.

And continuing writing about the city’s milongas and the current state of corvid on our tango community, I will attempt publishing stories and news semi monthy.

Enjoy the life and till we embrace again stay happy.

Abrazo y besos

Wahooooo. I got my 3rd jab on Tuesday January 4, 2022. Have received Sputnik, Moderna and now Astrazeneca..
.Feel like a science experiment

Stay safe, Cuídate

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Created by, Ruth Offen the founder/director of WaterWorks Gallery, a gallery opened in 1985 to showcase contemporary artists and jewelers that live and work in the Pacific Northwest. After 37 years, I have decided to spend more time enjoying life by dancing tango all over the world, traveling, continuing to develop my photography. Over many decades of amassing a personal art collection, now the process of downsizing is becoming a reality. How do we have more with less? Staying true to the motto, unencumbered by our possessions and not burdening our children with our stuff. This next process will take patience and courage. On the road to happiness. Its' the journey that counts!

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