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Muy Calor

With the city reaching a record temp of 99 and a friend visiting me from Istanbul, the need for cooler weather and maybe being on the water was necessary.

As some of you might know, my photography is on Instagram ( and maybe you are following me. Thank you! It was on Instagram that I found a travel outing that a group of people could share involving a boat ride, food and a musical experience. Wahooooo.

After a WhatsApp conservation in 2 languages over a few days with the company, we worked together and booked this experience…boat ride, fresh food and music all starting in a Tigre, a city about 45 minutes north of Buenos Aires.

Along the river

It wss a Sunday, and Tigre is a bit crazy as many folks try to escape the heat of the city and go to the River Parana which runs thru Tigre. Parking here is a challenge. Then walking the river to find dock 1, where we would take a fast boat ride from Tigre up the Rio Parana and into the Rio Delta…to have an amazing feast of locally grown food and then listen to a concert with the Bandeon.

As we started up the river the temperature dropped and the whining of the motor began. Passing houses on stilts, an occasional small riverside restaurant and many campgrounds and private retreats. Children and adults playing in the water. Lots of water activities.

30 minutes later we arrived. A house set back from the water about 5 feet off the ground, with its own dock. The picture completed with the added visual of two big old dogs and a cat.

House for the concert

Greeted by our host Flavia, we sat down at the dockside table to a feast of different foods with a lovely Rose.

And the most amazing salad with local tomatoes. Homemade empanadas, chicken, hummus, liver pate, and they made the mixture gluten free for me and vegetarian for  one of my friends.

After eating and drinking for awhile, we were all mellow and very blissful. This area is gorgeous with a sense of tranquility that is hard to find in the city. And quiet. Lots of bird calls

Then we were invited to the deck of the house for our concert with Ariel Hernandez an accomplished bandeonista. Ariel lived and toured for many years in Europe before reyurning to Argentina. Sharing an introduction about the bandeon’s musical history with us, he then played some beautiful classical and tango music for almost an hour.

Hours later, with our senses satiated, it was time to return…in fact as soon as possible as the river Delta experiences tidal change and the water was very low.

On the return trip to the dock in Tigre, time passed slowly as the river was shallow and the boat traveled carefully and slowly. The return trip took about an hour. We passed many people waiting for the larger taxi ferry boats.

Today as I wrote this, I was remembering this wonderful experience, I would recommend this outing to any music or food lover who might be curious to wander off the beaten path and onto the river.

Me with Ariel Hernandez up the Rio Parana Delta

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