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Thoughts on the new year, so far…

Now at the end of January after a week of 90 plus degree heat and then another week of continual rain, the days are cooler. Still in the evening the humidity returns and air conditioning is a must to get to sleep.

In my personal life what a crazy couple of weeks it has been!!!
A dear friend from Turkey who I have not seen for 4 years is visiting me, so am having a fabulous time.

We have been dancing, eating, drinking, walking and shopping for days. Am loving some chica time. It’s been 2 years since I have had a friend visit me.

Birsen and me

Introducing her to the world of tango and the Milongas clubs in Buenos Aires is exciting and very different for her as she started dancing tango about 3 months ago.

And one of my fondest memories is of another friend introducing me to the world of Tango in Buenos Aires. How awesome and overwhelming it was. Can’t believe that was 5 years ago!

Dancing at la Nacional

We have danced in the afternoon and evening milongas and for a couple nights did back to back late night milongas. Dancing in San Telmo, Monserrat, Boeda and Balavanera.

Have introduced her to the world of asado (barbecue), with the meats ranging from sweet breads, tripe, cabezon, chicken and lots of different types of carne (beef) served en mass on a little hot barbecue stand.

As I like my food to the spicier side, have discovered a few restaurants that satisfy that need and do take my friends to these restaurants, one in particular is always fabulous. Sintesis…it is a fusion of Thai and Vietnamese served as Tapas. Yum yum.

Dancing, dancing, dancing

More dancing, more drinking wine, more walking, more public transportation.

More, more more. But always mask wearing while dancing and on the buses or in taxis, walking the streets and continually cleaning hands with alchohol.

Dinner at Trade Bar

My friend visiting from Turkey ended up catching omnicron 10 days after arriving in Argentina. The day before her scheduled return flight to Istanbul on Saturday, she tested positive.

Immediately we canceled all a dinner that night and dancing.

In making arrangements for my test. the following day, I called other friends to inform them of her positive results. It was interesting to listen to the different reactions which ranged from choosing to test to others not.

My friend was in bed with three days feeling like she had been hit by a truck. With a small fever initially, a headache but lots of mucus and coughing.
Three days of almost continual sleeping and very little food.

Then on the 4th day still tired but she started to feel almost human. No temperature. Still bit of a hack.

With my corvid testing kit.

And on day 7, doing a home corvid testing kit, she was negative. Wahoo.

The airline she was returning to Turkey on rebooked her on the same saturday flight two weeks later.

Tango en Sueno Portenyo

So she gets a do-over on a lost week and a bonus week for getting corvid.

As with all things, especially now in these uncertain and unsettling times, it is neccesary to see the silver lining in all.

Enjoying the live music of Alexis Lovotti at la Boca Boca.

So now we get to do more….
Dancing, eating, drinking, walking this amazing city that I call home.

Me showing a great Tango sign on Avienda de Mayo

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Created by, Ruth Offen the founder/director of WaterWorks Gallery, a gallery opened in 1985 to showcase contemporary artists and jewelers that live and work in the Pacific Northwest. After 37 years, I have decided to spend more time enjoying life by dancing tango all over the world, traveling, continuing to develop my photography. Over many decades of amassing a personal art collection, now the process of downsizing is becoming a reality. How do we have more with less? Staying true to the motto, unencumbered by our possessions and not burdening our children with our stuff. This next process will take patience and courage. On the road to happiness. Its' the journey that counts!

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  1. Ruth, thank you for your lovely imagery of life in Buenos Aires. I often reminisce of walking the streets of the city and attending milongas. Thanks for sharing! Wishing you more good health and happiness. Eliza

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