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Moving south

Me and my scooter at the park in İzmir, next to the Egyptian Obelisk

We have spent 2 lovely weeks in Izmir, a large metropolitan city located on the Agean Coast of Turkey, the Asian side. Sitting on the mouth of a huge bay, Izmir is the 3rd largest city in Turkey with an active harbor and lots of ferries criss crossing the city.

The hotel residence we stayed in was located in Alcansak. A very lively neighborhood of the city, a bit north of Konak. The hotel residence was simple, with a large double bed, bathroom and a little kitchen area where were able to prepare our daily breakfasts.

The waterfront at night filled with families

We were surrounded by amazing restaurants and bars. Fast food, slow food, Turkish food, and some international foods.

A salad from a nearby restaurant

We were close to a nearby house of transvestite prostitues. It’s a little different setting. Nightly when out walking, there they were chatting up customers and others locals. Was pretty wonderful to observe as no one seemed to care what their sex was or wasn’t. I would imagine that their attention was welcomed by some community members.

Always trying to locate milongas in the city we visit, we use Facebook, Instagram, and word of mouth contacts. In Izmir, we found a few milongas. As is typical when traveling, some are very open and welcoming. Other milongas are not open and can be less welcoming to strangers.

But what we loved about all this dancing was all the enthusiasm. Almost always very exuberant. It’s very dizzying to watch.

In Turkish Tango, there are many giros. In fact, it is the most used step in an open embrace. It’s more like gymnastics and not much walking.

Open embrace

In many milongas we attended in Turkey, the dancers prefer an open embrace for dancing tango.

I am not sure if this style of embrace is because of a possible cultural taboo or a learned experience.

But it is definitely very different from Argentina Tango.

The music played is Juan Darienzo, Hector Varela, Anibal Troillo, and other orchestras that have a fast driving beat.

Not much music by De Sarli or Pugliese, Fluevio Salamanca is played as this music is more playful, soft, and very romantic.

We are definitely Argentina Tango dancers as we love to caminando, and we dance. We listen to the music, and we take turns playing with spaces between the music. But most importantly, we are corazón to corazón in a close embrace. And enjoying every minute of it.

Next stop, Kaş on the Mediterran Sea.

Abrazo y Besos

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