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Bye bye, Istanbul Again.

After living in Turkey for the past three months, it is time to depart.

Dancing in Ankara

We have danced Tango in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Ankara, and Samsun.

We have traveled as far south as Antalya and as far east as Trapzon. West to Gelibuli. We have traveled by car, bus and plane. In Turkey, it’s so easy to take the bus, but very limited in train travel.

The larger cities have good bus, tram and train systems.. but as to a schedule, maybe, kindof and its possible.
The driving in Turkey is for the mostly good. Most of the commonsense rules of driving etiquette are employed. Flash your light’s means I want to pass you, so move over. Horn honking is very prevelant all over Turkey. For any reason, honk your horn, although I read it is prohibited after 10pm?

Beach at Antalya at dusk

But the occasional crazy left turning from the right lane occurs.
The rules in bigger ciites are no rules for me but there are for you. Sound familiar? Florida?

Next on our travel list of locations is Petra Jordan.

Couldn’t resist going to this new marathon, as I have always wanted to visit this part of the world.
All those old desert stories come to mind.
Now add tango. We’re in.

View of Istanbul from Çamlıca Tower

We get to stay in Aqaba Jordan on the gulf of Aqaba for a few days before going out yo Petra. Hoping to visit Wadi Rum too.

This part of the world is similar yet foreign.

My eyes are accustomed to seeing large swaths of green forests of the northwest USA or beiges of the prarie plateaus of Argentina.

It will be a visual change to view the vast lands of deserts and sandstone canyons and the differences in the colors of the landscape.

Hot days, cool nights and lots of tango!!!


Relaxing after walking

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