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A window, Beynac France

Am in my tent looking across my sleeping companion snuggled into the comforter as the sun has just become visible in my tent window. I sigh. I think. This week at tango camp in Begnac, France, with Liz and Yannick Vanhove, has been such a treat for us.

Our maestros:
Liz y Yannick Vanhove

We have to get up. Shortly as breakfast is served buffet style from 8 to 10 am.

Then, at 10 a.m., the first class of the day begins. Both Liz and Yannick Vanhove are firm believers in excercises to both wake up the body and loosen up the motion of the body.


Then the lessons begin. We work on patterns. Connecting single steps together..a walk walk walk to the cross a forward step then a 8 step molineta into a cross for the follow.

My lead is my life partner, who is a wonderful dancer as he is a man. As we work thru these patterns, he recognizes them from his first tango teacher, Maria, in Buenos Aires. It’s great that he remembers, as we both agree we have danced these steps before.

And we continue with practicing until 11.30.

Between classes in the hammock

Great workout. And good clear instructions and demonstration
Both maestros are active participants in the observation and correction of our movements.

These tall, slim Belgians dancers are elegant dancers as we learn. They are also very patient and kind people with their students and have a great sense of humor!

The week long camp we attended has 7 other couples from Belgium.  We were the only couple who did not speak Flemish. Liz and Yannick are fluent in not only Flemish but English and speak excellent Spanish, too.
Classes were taught in 3 languages.

Dinner at the farm

The age group is mostly over 50 years old, and people who are able to take a week out of their normal lives to practice and dance tango.

The location is a marvelous small village in the french countryside surrounded by farmlands and vineyards.

Miles of vineyards

The air is clean, and at night, we are able to see the Milky Way and watch the satelites overhead.

The accommodations are very cozy and comfortable.  We stayed in a tent 6 with great beds and warm down linens. There was a fan and electrical connections for phones and lamps. Each tent had a separate bathroom equipped with a sink, toilet and shower, and plenty of space to store your stuff and plenty of towels, too.

Bathroom signage

Then there is the afternoon class at 17 that goes to 18.30

Dinner starts at 19 and again is a buffet with delicious foods that are healthy and flavorful. If you forgot to buy wine or beer, it is available for sale on the farm.

We had a couple of evening milonga. That was so much fun.

Night milonga

And a campfire too with S’mores…the Belgians don’t really get that one.

Our campfire is complete with Smores.

This farm, Simply Canvas Farm has been in business for 15 years. The space has been used for family retreats to meditation retreats. The owners are a delightful couple of people named
Sandra and Santi.

A view from the farm

Imagine a week of this. Between the food, the location, and the classes was a fantastic experience.

Nearby village

One of the nicest aspects of this experience was that you had the choice to explore the surrounding area for your lunch. There are a few beautiful villages nearby with many markets and shops to buy anything you have forgotten.

Chateau at Beynac et Cazenac

So not only do you get to be a bit of an explorer, but the experience of classes with Liz and Yannick Vanhove will stay with you for a long time.

What a pleasure!!!

We want to do this again.!!!

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