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While the sun heats up the days, tango heats up the nights.

Florida colors

After consulting we discovered there is a milonga or practika almost every night.

This is now only late October, and the winter sun season begins in December. Snow birds [people] escaping the harshness of the colder climes of the northern US and Canada will arrive then, and the number of people living here in Southern Florida doubles.

The pace of life quickens, too. The traffic and driving become worse as the weather warms up.

That’s why I enjoy living here in southern Florida in September, October, and November. We return to BsAs in mid-December.

Delray Beach

It is so nice to go to the beach on a weekday as the beach looks more like dots of people instead of wall to wall blankets and umbrellas.

As we have been living here for a month, we are attending 2 practikas and 2 milongas weekly. The practikas are located close to home, only 20 minutes of driving.

Again, all this information is on

On Wednesday night, there’s the Goldcoast Ballroom. The tango class is taught by my favorite maestros, Paloma Rodrigues and Maximiliano Olaguibel.

Goldcoast Ballroom

The Goldcoast Ballroom is one of the oldest dance clubs in Florida, getting its start in the 1966. They offer every type of instruction from Salsa to Foxtrot to Tango.

After the tango class, there is an hour long practica. The floor is huge, so it’s easy to dance and work on your steps or embrace or musicality. For corrections and questions, it’s possible to ask the two maestros Maxi and Paloma for help.

On Friday nights, we usually go to Manny and Fabiola’s Milonga la Pituca in Pompano Beach. This milonga is celebrating their 15th anniversary Milonga at the Star Ballroom in Pompano Beach.

La Pituca

Here, the space is smaller and more intimate than others places in Southern Florida. This ballroom has a cheery decor, a great wood floor with small round tables off to the side, and lots of mirrors for reflections with a good lighting, and music systems. It’s a BYOB place, but for the price of admission, they provide snacks, sandwiches, sweets, soft drinks, and water. Manny and Fabiola usually teach the pre milonga class, too, or have occasional guest instructors.

Then, on Saturday, it’s a choice and a decision to drive approximately 50 minutes for us to go to dance at the new dance club called Tanda.

Tanda Social Club

It’s a brand new space in North Miami that the owner, Olga Blavatnik, designed and built.

It is a beautiful space with a wooden floor, an exquisite overhead chandelier, and a fantastic lighting system. Add a separate dj booth and a full bar set up, and it’s a pretty impressive club for tango.

Olga started Tanda, and she states, “As a safe, comfortable and welcoming place for women to explore their inner selves, to discover their passionate natures, beauty and freedom.”

Olga believes it’s Tanda’s mission is to introduce tango’s soul and therapeutic benefits to as many people as possible while creating a holistic tango experience.


We danced there last Saturday and loved the place. It has very comfortable furnishings and I do love the separate bar area, as this is not a typical tango bar.

The night we were there it was a packed house as this club just opened in June.

Everything is new, and this club is shiny and bright with fresh roses on the tables too.

Table setting with roses

We plan on dancing there again.

And now on Sundays. There are two choices depending on the Sunday.

Every Sunday night in Hallandale Beach is La Ideal, organized by the amazing Lydia C. Henson, which just celebrated their 16th anniversary with a wonderful dinner party milonga and special performances.

Here, the ballroom space is very large and accomdating with dj booth on the side of the stage and a bar in the back. This is the Club Tropical featuring its elegant curtain draping, an excellent flooring and a good lighting system.

Large round-tables dot the floor, with a food vendor in the rear close to the bar.

For years, local and visiting Milongeros have attended this weekly event. Now, most La Ideal Sunday milongas are at the Vk Dance Arena located a few miles away.

16th Anniversary of
La Ideal Milonga

And now, on the 2nd and 4th Sundays at the Italian club in North Miama, it is the Tres Esquimas Milonga.

When we attended, they, too, were celebrating their 1st year anniversary.

This old Italian club has a rich history of showcasing tango events for many years.

The floor is midsized with white curtain draping in the middle of the ceiling, and there are large round tables placed all along the outer limit of the floor. The dj booth is on the stage, and the bar is in the back of the club next to the complimentary food, soda, and wine.

Milonga Tres Esquimas

For their anniversary milonga, the organizers had the tango harmonica player, Joe Powers play at the event.

This milonga hosted by 4 local milongeros, Cristyan Quiroz, Jacklyn Shapiro Quiroz, Alejandro Szenkman and Stefania Marchesotti. has fantastic energy amd lots of dancing.

We have been so lucky to dance at many places and have yet to try Las Pebetas Milongas on Saturdays nights at VK Dance Arena.

We have reconnected with people we met on our last visit and met many new peeps, too.

Mostly dancing tango in Southern Florida is a happy and fun experience.



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La Ideal Milonga
Tres Esquimas Milonga Les Pebetas Milonga

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