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Willow Bader – This Feeling from Long Ago, Encaustic on panel 32 inches x 50 inches

Artwork about Social Tango

For me when traveling I always try and find artists that express the emotions in their artwork about social Tango.

One of my favorites Tango painters is from Seattle, her name is Willow Bader.

I have know her for many years, and she paints in Encaustic [Bee’s wax and pigment] or oils. The works capture the feeling and emotions of Tango, as Willow herself is an accomplished dancer.

How does one capture the feeling, the emotion and the connection of social tango? And then create paintings that can make one feel like you are at a Milonga dancing or sitting and listening to the orchestra Orchestra Romantica Milonguera

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Willow has been dancing for many years in the Seattle and Portland areas. We met many years ago when she was looking for artistic representation as I was running a gallery at the time. WaterWorks Gallery And it’s funny as I look back at those days, I did not even dance tango, as I was still social dancing more American dances. I am thinking this was the early 2010.

And here we fast forward to 2020, and the world has changed so much. There is little social dancing going on in the world. That is why we need a continual reminder of social Tango. and own artwork about social tango. Willow’s work does that. She portrays the emotion of social Tango. The connections that we feel. The movement of Tango. All this is found in her paintings. I find her to be an amazing talented painter. We need to support the artists of the world.

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Two Become One , Encaustic 8 x 12

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Love Leads, Love Follows, Encaustic 18 x 19

More of her encaustic paintings and prints are available from

All works shown are for sale.

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