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Updated: March 1, 2021

Currently, I have heard that Nuevo Gricel is open for Tango classes and after class a social Tango practika, and there is a limit of people, mask wearing, no rotation of partners and hand cleaning protocols are being observed. Personally, am not ready to dance socialTango indoors as the nights here are still so beautiful.

The only other social Tango dancing I know of is at the parks, one at Parque Los Heras, another at the parque at the Congreso Nacional off Entre Rios, at Parque Lezama and in the parque at Chacabuco. More information on these milongas is on Facebook. Enquire to each spot via Facebook Messenger might work too. Not all these Milongas are sanctioned by the government of Buenos Aires. Stay healthy. Wear your mask when you dance, unless you both agree to not do this. Wash your hands or spray liberally with alcohol after dancing. Be happy to be alive. Soon maybe in 6 months when more people are vaccinated here, there will be more milongas.

Recently heard that Obelisco Tango will not be reopening, so sad as that was one of my favorite places to dance and has closed for good.

Updated December 12, 2020

Happy Holidays, and as far as I know there is no social tango dancing anywhere in BsAs. I have seen notices for some online events but that’s it.

Updated March 11, 2020

As of March 11, 2020 all Tango is closed in Buenos Aires. But this list of places to dance social tango at a milonga includes all my favorite places.

Will see in December what & where we can dance. # wewilldanceagain

Note: Most dance halls listed use Facebook for their announcements and content.

Sueno Porteno

Social tango Image courtesy Ruthoffen.com

Organizer: Julia Doyel – Was Sunday and Wednesday early evening until late.


Organizer: Marcela Pazos – Was Tuesday & Thursday afternoons till early evenings.

social tango image courtesy Ruthoffen.com

Organizers: Roxanna y Fernando – Was on Saturday afternoons in a beautiful 2 story museum of old radios with great floors and a balcony view. This was one of my favorite places to dance social tango in the afternoon, always a good mix of dancers both local and foreigners. Not sure if this will return as Roxanna y Fernando are now doing a restaurant bar in La Boca called Boca A Boca Parrilla Restaurante

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