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And some news from Buenos Aires! 

Expect soon news from Spain, Turkey and more!!!

Tango Dancing
It’s 2023! 

We survived the New Years celebrations. Social Dancing.

Ahhh tango!  Life in the city has resumed to the pace of life before the pandemic. So many visitors are in the city. At the milongas, I am tango dancing with men from Spain, France, Germany, England, Wales, Scotland and Turkey. The portenyos are out in force, being their charming selves.

What’s going on?

Life has returned full force, the major problem is the inflation of 95%…Tango Milongas used to cost 250 pesos and now average 750 pesos.   A bottle of champagne at a tango milonga is now priced from 1200 to 5500 pesos. But the good news is you can now buy amazing handmade leather Tango shoes for way under a $ 100 US.

The Economy

Renting an apartment has remained fairly consistent in pricing, depending on the neighborhood. A good dinner at a parilla for two with wine is about 8000 peso. 

Your economy is determined by your currency… Last week the dollar blue was 370, and yesterday walking around in my barrio, I saw a sign that was offering 390 pesos. 


I find many portenyos, are still going out to eat and travel, but occasionally you do see a couple walk out of a restaurant after looking at the menu.

Its’ Argentina, and at this time the future is uncertain, but luckily Tango continues. Disfrutas!!!  

 And Now 2022

And the city has started on the process of healing. It will be a long road, but now it has started. There is a different energy in the city. Now visitors from the USA and Europe are starting to show up and with them comes their dinero, which is needed in the city. The weather is warmer, and for the moment we are having humid Verano [summer] 

In the past

When walking on the streets, I have heard a lot of English, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian and Polish spoken as these are the languages I can easily identify.

There are many Milongas going up, and yes Omnicom is slowing everything down as the city is experiencing a surge in the virus…but the good news is  75 % of the population is vaccinated with 2 and many over 60 are vaccinated with the 3rd booster.


So we try to dance and imagine normalcy, but I do believe we have a few more years of this pandemic, but hopefully soon, this virus will be endemic and not a pandemic.


Meanwhile after having moved around Buenos Aires, a few times, I have settled in Barrio Norte, Recoleta. Am living a well intentioned life as am able to get all my shopping for daily life done within 15 minutes from my home. I am able to dance tango 4 to 5 times a week. I like Milongas that are friendly, and not just stuffy unfriendly places…which there are many. Dancing in close embrace with people who know what an embrace feels like. I love the music of tango and the lifestyle. For me dancing is my heart and is wonderful!

  To find out where to dance there are two useful apps:


image coutrsey hoy milonga .con


Subscribe online for added benefits.

And my favorite part, on the website Hoy-Milong.com there are now over 20 events a day. And to make your life easier when in Buenos Aires, and you are an I phone user, download the app. Hoy-Milonga – the app. Hopefully a droid version is in the works.

SO come to Buenos Aires, to dance, to eat and to drink and to enjoy all that Buenos Aires and Argentina offer.

Dancing at El Beso by ruthoffen.com


Yep That’s me dancing with one of my favorite leads at El Beso.

Video clips from a few local Milongas taken this week.

Tango at Chique Nuevo any Tuesday otrThursday afternoon, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Zoraida & Diego kicking it up at their dance The Kiss Club at El Beso on Fridays.



Dancing at Sueno Portenyo on Wednesday nights and celebrating the 96th Birthday of Blanqueta.



Dancing Social Tango


Social dancing Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina

    And the second app for tango information 

Tango partner app photo of Ruthoffen.com


Me dancing with one of my favorite leads from Denmark!

A team of dancers has developed an app for the post-corona era that lets tango
dancers find like-minded people at home and on the go. to go tango dancing.


Download Tango Partner App
Click on the link below to get download the app.

Yo Espero

I hope to see you on the floor in Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Madrid, Miami or Lisbon. Look forward to our embrace, 




About me

In conclusion if you are curious as to who I am.

Born outside New York, in Jersey City and have lived in many cities including Boston, San Francisco, Miami and Seattle. For the past few years have been in BsAs. Before that was residing on an island north of Seattle.

Now I have started to live my nomadic lifestyle, will continue to do so. Life is an adventure. Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal to start. And see where the path goes. But always tango!

La vida es Tango! 


There are guest authors from around the world, informing us about dancing in their spots, ie Europe, South America and United States.



Now Buenos Aires Tango

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