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SHOES, Shoes, shoes


How to buy.

How to fit.

And how many colors do we need? Or perhaps is it want?


How they should fit and feel.


By Jan Sheeley

Original photos by Jan Sheeley

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes. How to fit. They fit like a glove, worn to the shape of my feet. And with the comfort knowing these two friends will glide and pivot and turn at my command. Toes encased and gripping the floor and all so pretty. These are no ordinary shoes but partners in a romance of movement. Like a skin for well fitting shoes. There is no cost I will not spare for this love affair, this ritual of Tango.  

How to fit

It is more than plain obsession and the desire for beauty and adoration. It is the ritual of inclusion, the total vision. There is no tango if there are no tango shoes.  Tango shoes.

They are an extension of the body a part of the dance a piece of the magic.  That’s how they should fit.

And it’s also the ceremony of finding the right companions to complete the person, finish the look. The excitement of the search, the fit, the ease of expected movement. The style and the color and the fabric. This is all the importance of the tango shoes. And will I look the part, will I complete the picture. Yes, tango shoes are an extension of your very soul, yes we are ready to perform.       

Places that we have bought shoes.

Fabulous hand made leather shoes can be custom fitted too. These are a pair of my favorite shoes, I have them in RED.

Photo courtesy Lara Shoes
Shoes dancing by
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