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While learning tango it is important to find a tango teachers whose dance style and life philosophy is sympathetic with yours.

In conclusion, during coronavirus times, each of us must do our part to continue with tango by taking online classes, or attending online milongas until we can embrace in person.

Therefore for tango to succeed we always must try new things out, whether it is a milongas, a festival, new classes, new shoes, new clothes or a new teachers.

Tango Teachers – Happily recommended.

Paloma & Maximiliano

Originally from Chile now residing in Miami, Florida.

Photo courtesy of Maxi & Paloma
Paloma & Maxi

Maxi and Paloma’s approach.

Primarily as Tango teachers, our philosophy is to inspire our students to enjoy the embrace and love for social tango, promoting the connection and improvisation between couples.

For more than 20 years, Maxi and Paloma collaborate teaching social Argentine Tango, developing their style. They are like a permanent movement laboratory, as they experiment and concentrate on creating a simplicity in their movement. 

However, we’re convinced that the Tango dance is for everybody.  In addition their experience, they believe, moreover it doesn’t matter the age, the background or if you never danced before.


Liz & Yannick Vanehove

Liz & Yannick currently reside in Hautefort, France.

Liz & Yannick photo courtesy of artists
Liz & Yannick

Liz and Yannick’s approach

Many years ago, Liz and Yannick Vanhove started dancing Tango together when they were teenagers.

Since 2002 they have spent years learning and uncovering the best kept secrets this elegant dance has to offer, always driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and tradition.

Tall, elegant, harmonious and beautiful … In other words, they love everything about Tango and teach it with generosity, humility, patience and a touch of humor, always with great emphasis on the technique and the naturalness of the movement. Their dance expresses the great connection that unites them, in search of simplicity, elegance and musicality in every dance.

In conclusion, knowing their Tango Salon performances are 100% improvised makes them even more amazing!



Currently residing in Chicago, Il, USA

Hernan & Daniela’s approach

Primarily, We’re both born and raised in Buenos Aires Argentina and met more than 15 years ago at La Viruta (the biggest tango school and milonga in BA). We taught there for many years, as well as we learned from some of the more renowned maestros and milongueros.

What an amazing time that was.  We were lucky to enjoy a glorious time in tango, social dancing almost every night with a lot of people and watching amazing performances from the best dancers.

One day… our dream came true. In addition we were invited to teach in the US. We toured around North America. Many doors opened for us as we were invited to participate in many important Tango Festivals in the US, Canada and Mexico. 

Currently, Hernan and I are settled in Chicago, Illinois and have our own Studio called “Almagro Tango”. Unfortunately, I recently learned that the studio is now closed. Not sure what Hernan is up to, but Daniela, is currently pregnant, and I will endeavor to find out her due date!

In other words our philosophy is: We focus on social tango, paying special attention to the fundamentals, so the students have a clear idea of how to use those elements while improvising.

As Tango teachers, believe that understanding the music and working on musicality and interpretation is a must do, to achieve a good level of dancing. But, the most important of all. We all need to enjoy this and we put our hearts to make people happy through Tango!


​Jathan Rafael Sanchez

Currently residing in Mexico City, Mexico

Jatan photo courtesy of artist
Janthan and Friend dancing

Jathan’s approach

Firstly, Jathan began to learn Tango in 1995. Throughout the years, Jathan has become a skilled and recognized leader and follower dancer and teacher. In 2006, he won first place at the National Tango Salon Championship.

However, he has performed with the most important Mexican Tango companies. Jathan has been appointed advisor, judge and coordinating judge to the National Dance Association.

For instance, he was the first to promote same genre and role exchange social tango dancing in Mexico. He was invited to launch the first Queer Tango Week in Austin, Texas, and guest performer and teacher to the 9th Buenos Aires Queer Tango Festival. Moreover, he was invited to perform and teach in festivals in France, Italy and Germany.

Primarily, as a Tango teacher, Jathan created his own dance company and recently received the invitation to join UNESCO International Dance Council. Besides his dancing and teaching activities, Jathan runs his own massage and alternative therapies health clinic.

Facebook: Jathan Rafael Sanchez Instagram: @jatangomx

Myriam Pincen

Currently living in Buenos Aires

Tango teacher Photos courtesy of the artist
Myriam Pincen

Miriam’s approach

Moreover, Myriam lives in Buenos Aires, and has been teaching social tango for many years. A well known local tango teacher, Miriam maintains a private studio. She is reachable  thru her email myriampincen@yahoo.com


Currently living in Chile

Belen & Niko photo courtesy of artists
Belen & Nikko

Nikko & Belen’s approach

Above all, “We have been dancing, travelling and living together for 8 years. We are social dancer, we are performer and now we are teaching tango online.

Starting on our shared adventure, in 2012. Primarily, we were both born in Chile. We started our project working and living in Buenos Aires, working and dancing in local milongas, performing in tango theaters and many Tango shows.

Strongly believing that tango can be compared to a culinary artform. There are tango styles that you may like or not. However, from us, you will always find an inimitable hug and an unmissable tanda.

More so, we recognize ourselves as constantly changing dancers, given over to the music, the audience and each other.” We are always growing and learning.



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