Tango protest to the government:

We need sanitary protocols!

Tango protest  Image from Tango organizers
Letter inviting all people to the protest

On Thursday, March 11th I joined approximately 75 other tangeros, milonga organizers, teachers and tango student to make a Tango protest about the return to tango in Buenos Aires. This was a protest to the government for Tango to start creating the necessary protocols that will allow the tango community to return. The gathering was at 7pm in front of Buenos Aires City Hall on Avenida de Mayo.

Tango protest  image courtesy Ruthoffen.com
Tango protest about the return to Tango in the city of Buenos Aires

The protesters were amicably chatting in little groups of 2 or 3 people with their tango signs. All wore masks and observed social distancing

Tango protest Image courtesy Ruthoffen.com

Reading the handwritten paper Tango protest signs with the messages:

We have not danced in a year. Tango is culture. Tango is our work.

Mostly the protest signs in Spanish read: We need to return to work. We need to return to dance.

Tango protest image courtesy Ruthoffen.com
Holding Tango protest placards in the street in front of city hall of Buenos Aires

The organized tango protesters spoke to the city government and said…

Tango protest image courtesy Ruthoffen.com
Tango protest about the return to Tango in the city of Buenos Aires

We NEED the government of BsAs to specify what protocols are needed for the tango world, to be in place. We need to go back to work. We have not worked in a year. We are culture. We are Buenos Aires.

tango protest image courtesy of Ruthoffen.com
Waiting on Avenida de Mayo

Tango Protest

The protest lasted about an hour. Tango music played on the sound system. The protesters demonstrated a few different dance dance stance. No actual dancing occurred. Many photographers and media outlets showed up. In the Buenos Aires Times, nothing has shown up about the protest. Its the only English language paper here. Will reserach and see if any other papers have any mention.

This is an important issue here in Buenos Aires, as many teachers, organizers, performers and students are waiting for a return to Tango. Honestly, expecting the old normal ways now, is not important. What is important is to return to dancing Tango.

Currently, there are many outdoor milongas around the city in various parks, somewhat sanctioned as all observe sanitary protocols, including wearing mask and usung lots of hang sanitizers.

Many tangeras & tangeros do not like dancing in open embrace as many feel, including me that this is not tango. Again and again, the most important issues are the government issuing sanitary protocols. Return to the embrace again. To hear the music of tango streaming into the clubs and spaces of Buenos Aires.

Now we wait. We see if something happens.

tango protest Image courtesy Ruthoffen.com


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