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May 23, 2021

It is now end of May, 2021 and the world of Tango is slowly coming back to life. Friends in the Unites States are very excited about the return of festivals. I know they are dancing in Miami, Florida. Some dancing in Seattle… and in New York.

Recently, I updated all my favorite festivals which are listed below, and looking forward to traveling and dancing, but as I am living in Buenos Aires. Now, and until the current 2nd wave of infections decreases and more than 10% of the population is vaccinated, there is nothing going on publicly. Am hopeful, the situation will change will occur later in the year. So for, now I will continue dancing privately in my living room. Abrazo grande!

March 2021, as the pandemic still rages across the world, no one is sure about social dancing and dancing in general because of the intimate contact.

Above all as the year continues, tango festivals and marathons are announcing their intentions of either holding their events or cancelling their events. This page is updated with the latest information.

Primarily, What is going on in the world of social dancing? NOTHING now.

Looking forward

However in 2021, perhaps we will return to traveling in the world. We might again be able to dance at Tango festivals and marathons in Italy, Portugal, Argentina and many other locations worldwide. This is something we all want. To get back to dancing tango.

Missing the embrace and the music, missing the lifestyle and we missing our tango friends. Now we must remember now is the time to employ patience.

WE all want to return to dancing Tango. WE all have to use our personal preference for safety, mask or no mask, hand cleaner and the choice of dancing outdoors or indoors.

Moreover, many of us have not danced or embraced in tango for over a year. WE are all aching to embrace, to dance and to live and dance like we used to.

However, WE all want to return to social dancing. Returning to tango maybe not as quickly as we want. Tango will return as well as the social dancing of tango at festivals and marathons.

In conclusion, we just have to be patient. Kindness goes a long way in these times.

#wewilldanceagain #wewillembraceagain

So far this is what I know.

Festivals : Italy, Turkey, New Zealand, Canada so far

Marathons, Festivals

Where in the world to dance in the future?

Tango festivals & marathons Image courtesy of Ruthoffen.com



Istanbul, Turkey


Tango festivals & marathons Image courtesy of sultans tango festival
Image courtesy of Sultans of Tango Festival.

This tango festival ranked high with every tango dancers I have met who attended this event, plus you have the magic of Istanbul. What could be more magical?

Dedeman Gayrettepe Istanbul Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey


Just in from Mario at Caras de Tango

Caras de Tango

Torino, Italy

Tango festivals & marathons Image courtesy of Tango Festival
Image courtesy of Caras de Tango Festival

May 27 – 30, 2021

Now January 28 – 30 2022

Torino, Italy




Moved to 2022

Wellington, New Zealand

Tango festivals & marathons Image courtesy of tango festival
Image courtesy New Zealand Tango Festival

July 7 – 13th , 2021


Toronto Tango Festival

Toronto, Canada

Tango festivals worldwide Image courtesy of festival

June 2021


San Miguel Tango Festival

Cancelled until 2022

San Miguel D’Allende, Mexico

Tango festivals & marathons image courtesy festival

March 17 – 22, 2022

Hotel Real de Minas
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico


VALENTANGO Tango Festival

New dates February 9 – 14, 2022

Portland, Oregon, USA

Tango festivals & marathons worldwide Image courtesy of Ruthoffen.com

Rescheduled February 9 -14, 2022

Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Portland Oregon



San Diego, California, USA

Tango festival & marathons Image courtesy of festival

NEW DATES: December 31st 2021 — January 3rd 2022

Wyndham Bayside, San Diego, California, USA


PORTO TANGO MARATHON Cancelled until 2022

Porto, Portugal

The beautiful dance hall

NEW DATES: January 13th – 18th, 2022

Ateneu Comercial do Porto, Porto, Portrugal



Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland Tango Festival

October 7-10th, 2021


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