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Sueno Porteno, Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
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Buenos Aires is the home to Tango. So rich in Milongas citywide. Some are very friendly and some are Why bother going there to sit for the entire night. Have experienced both. Local knowledge is very important here. So is a welcoming smile! My favorite is Sueno Porteno found on Facebook

Lots of information on place at

Ghent, Belguim

This is an active community, with a university and edgy spirit. Found many places to dance that were friendly adn people were very welcoming. My favorites as a Tango Festival in Ghent that was produced by Liz Yannick Vanderhove in 2019. It happened every other year. Not sure if it will happen again.

A good source of information online

Porto, Portugal

Another wonderful and welcoming community. Attended the Porto Tango Marathon in 2019. While the weather can be a bit chilly, the area makes up for it. As not only is the tango wonderful, but you are also in the home of Port country. So many ways to stay warm. columns.The marathon is held at a beautiful old center that is centrally located.

Information on marathon can be found


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