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Today is September 30th, and here in Buenos Aires, Tango has not started up yet. Have heard of a few private tango bubbles worldwide, but from what I can gather via Facebook or Instagram there are a few pockets of tango milongas going on, mostly outside in update New York along the Hudson River, in Denmark, in France.

Here in Argentina, the milonga organizers had a meeting to try and get funding for tango as you would fund an unemployed bus driver or port worker. So far, from my understanding they were partially successful perhaps getting funding in December. There are so many unemployed Tango show workers, both the performer, the front of house and back of house staffs, the folks that take your tickets at the milongas, the taxi dancers, the folks in the bathrooms, and the service staff. Some of these people have been supported by their organizers , some by their clubs.. but is has all been a struggle.

Worldwide many teachers, have taken to zoom classes, and online milongas. I admire these people a lot, but for me I find, I buy classes on Patron, I buy milonga tickets online. I go for a moment to see friends, but I cannot feel the connection with with tablet as I do with my leader. I will practice alone, a bit longer until I can return to embrace.


So in Buenos Aires, there are so many Tango shows and performance spaces… Or rather there were. As of this writing in Mid August, there is no date for Tango to return to embrace, whether in the form of a small milonga or a tango show or the other activities related to Tango. All the people employed in the Tango world are hurting, both emotionally and financially. There are small fundraisers on Faceebook or GoFunfMe.org to keep tango alive. Will post a few on this page. Surprising, as Tango is such a large part of the visitor experience here in Buenos Aires. But then again currently there is no tourism as the country’s international borders are closed. One of the few remaining countries in the world as of this writing with closed borders. According to information that has been published, this might change as of September 15th, 2020. We will wait and see!

Have heard from a few folks in other parts of the world. People have started to dance tango again with Masks in Denmark, Belgium, France and in upstate New York. All these milongas are held outdoors. Some rotate partners others do not. The Tanda is 3 songs and not 4 to minimize contact. Have heard of very small say 10 people Tango Bubbles, that are going on worldwide. We all dance because we love the embrace, lifestyle, the music and the whole experience that is tango. WE WILL DANCE AGAIN.

Let me know your thoughts, if you have other information on events, fundraisers or just to say hello. This website is my way of staying connected to the world that I have grown to love!

Tango Guapo from Buenos Aires – Videos featuring the friends and artists of Sueno Porteneo

Another interesting site in Buenos Aires is Tangoflix.net

Here there are all sorts of old and new tango movies, shows… monthly membership is very accessibly priced.

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