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JAN SHEELEY From Seattle

Love and tango in BA

My very first trip to BA, yes, I’m so excited and it is so hot and muggy in the airport waiting for a ride to the city. Crazy drivers but no worries my heart is thumping thinking about what may await in my first milonga.

Fast unpack and ready for my first encounter. At the door you would never imagine the joy. Dusty wooden stairs and I can hear the music. Very small bathroom but shoe etiquette needs to be met, never enter with outside shoes!

Beso del Sol the first Milonga, champagne yes, good seat, eh not so great but right now it feels like the soul of tango is in my grasp. The energy washes over me, the cabeceo needs all my attention. A new face, and I get the invitation. I am on the floor, in the arms of a local and we just connect. Eyes closed the music and movement entwine. I am captured, my heart is captured can you hear my body singing?  

There is respect, an outsider must wait, obey the ritual but the rewards are amazing. The welcome, the atmosphere of the dance hall, the vitality of the dancers and the sheer delight of knowing you have entered the sacred world of tango.

No words can describe the feeling, the utter rapture. My first milonga glow encasing my entire body. Taxi home. Sleep a little and be ready for the next adventure and embrace.

DJ SHAMRAN from Germany
Dj Shahram
Dj Shahram Photo courtesy artist.

What made me become a tango DJ? Of course: the love of the dance and the music. But the most important motivation and challenge at same time, is to make dancers happy. As DJ you are responsible for the energy and mood in the milonga. It is somehow a creative job, I think.

It’s like, as you would invite some nice friends to cook for them. You would look for ingredients in good quality, superb spices and herbs and maybe some surprising flavors. Et voilà. Sure: It’s possible that some of them are maybe not happy with your creation, but at lastly it’s your job the show the passion and true proficiency that is within you.

As a DJ it’s such a wonderful feeling to create and see the smiles lighting up the faces of the dancers. It’s great, when the dancers come to you after Cumparsita at the end of the event and say: “We came with a triste and sad mood to the milonga and going home now satisfied, bright and happy”. And in my opinion, the best thing what can happens to you as DJ; here a short story: Once I played a Vals-Tanda in the Milonga Vida-Mía in Cologne (Germany). The dance floor was very crowded, but sweet and not hectic. All the dancers were in such a flow and happiness that I feel, I’m dancing, turning and flying with all of them at the same time. It’s just amazing, incredible.

What made me become a tango DJ? The love to people and tangolovers. But lastly: It’s not about the DJ, but about the dancers.

About me:

·      Were I am from:  I was born in Iran, living in Germany for more than 35 years

·      What’s my profession: Journalist & language teacher

·      What I love (1): Travelling, hiking, sport, cooking, art, books & of course music

·      What I love (2): Curious open mind people, who don’t think just in categories and stereotypes

·      What I love in tango (dance): Embrace, energy, flow & musicality

Contact email: djshahram68@gmail.com instagram.com/dj_shahram

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