Photo Book – Why I Dance Tango?

$ 30.00


Why I Dance Tango? ? Porque Bailo Tango?

Spent this year 2020 in Buenos Aires, arriving in January. Then in March, after dancing continually for months the tango world stopped. Developed during Quarantine, this photobook on social Tango is about connection, movement including short essays and arty social tango photos. Currently still living in Buenos Aires and now that Quarantine is over, dancing and traveling in the amazing beautiful country.

All proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated back to Tango causes in Buenos Aires, and to other organizations that support Tango.

Large format / magazine quality photo album,
50 pages of social tango photos taken in the major Tango milonga clubs including El Beso, Nuevo Gricel, Neuvo Chique, Sueno Porteno, Nacional and Maipu in
Buenos Aires, Arjantin

$ 30 US includes shipping to the United
States. International shipping available.
Personal delivery is avilable in Buenos Aires.
Price in Pesos $ 2000



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