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Why I Dance Tango? – Porque Bailo Tango – The Book

I spent this year 2020 in Buenos Aires, as I arrived on January 13th. This was to be my 3rd trip to dance tango in Buenos Aires. I was convinced, on this trip that I would get out of the city see the rest of this country, Mendoza, Salta, Ushuaia. Somehow dancing up to 2 or 3 Milongas a day, I never did that. However, I did however shoot lots of tango photos at some wonderful milongas. Social dancing continually for months before the tango world stopped in March. 10th, 200.

The idea for this book was developed during quarantine. A photo book based on social Tango is about connection, movement and does short essays and arty social tango photos. Not only was it a project, but I learned so much more about my connections to social Tango, got to talk with many people about their idea of Tango, and some of these wonderful people contributed articles to the book. There was much discussion on this topic.

What’s inside the book

Essays contributed by Paloma Berrios, Liz & Yannick Vanhove, Julia Doyal, Nancy Roberts, Christine Sampson, Jan Sheeley and myself. All words are the intellectual property of their writers. All photos copyrighted by Ruth Offen

Large format magazine quality photobook, 50 pages of social tango photos shot in the many milongas in Buenos Aires including, Obelisco Tango, Nuevo Chique, Sueno Porteno, Nuevo Gricel & El Beso. Links are below.

All proceeds from the sale of this book about social Tango will be given back to the Tango community, which has been devastated during this last year. Disfrutas & Abrazo Grande

Pages from the book

Why I dance Tango? Courtesy Ruthoffen.com
Why I Dance Tango ?Courtesy of Ruthoffen.com
Why I Dance Tango? Courtesy of Ruthoffen.com
Courtesy of Ruthoffen.com
Why I dance Tango? Courtesy of Ruthoffen.com
Why I Dance Tango ? Courtesy of Ruthoffen.com

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