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Dancing in Amsterdam

Dancing in Buenos Aires, Photo courtesy of Yaap Wissink

My favorite Milonga inBuenos Aires


Arriving in Buenos Aires, Argentina in January of 2020, I spent all my time dancing at the milongas. I was dancing 6 days a week. Oh was so much fun. Then suddenly on March 11th, everything stopped! The world changed dramatically, as the pandemic announced itself to the world. Always photographing the embrace and movement of Tangeras and Tangeros on the dance floor, I decided to develop my idea of a photo magazine book based on social Tango. For me, Tango is a lifestyle, it is a dance, it is social, it is the embrace, the connection with your partner, the music and the floor, the place. It is Tango!

Recently published large format photobook/magazine of social tango in Buenos Aires.

Proceeds from the photobook/magazine sale are donated back to the Tango community. #Wewilldanceagain #Wewillembraceagain

Photo of jewelry by Jan Sheeley

Many jewelers, from all over the world will be showcased here. Currently working with artist based in USA and Argentina.

Photo courtesy Maxi & Paloma

Paloma & Maximiliano originally from Chile, now based in Miami.

Shoes, Shoes…

Let the shopping begin! As shoes are a unique experience and comfort is tantamount to happiness, choose carefully.

The article in the link is one woman’s vision and conversation with her shoes! A must read!!

Clothing choices
Photo courtesy OnelTango

OMG the choices available for clothing for woman and men is incredible. I will highlight a few of my favorites and some I would like to know better.


Artwork found that convey the feelings and emotion of dancing Tango…

Willow Bader -Its All about Love, Encaustic 18 x 12

Tango now information
Its me wearing my mask!

Some food for thought about Tango and the current pandemic . Will be adding websites with Tango experiences from different perspectives. If you would like your information to be added to this site, please contact me and tell me about your organization, festival, milongas, teaching or tour and travel plans.

Abrazos & Besitos from Buenos Aires, Ruth

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Photo courtesy Suntans Tango Festival, Istanbul, Turkey