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Hola, queridos !!!

Hello, My Dear Readers
(thanks to Bridgerton, yes this show on Netflix is binge worthy -2 seasons)

So sorry for not writing sooner, but unfortunately was not able to as I have been sick for the last month.

First Omnicron though I tested negative, that turned into a flu with chills and fever which then became a case of pneumonia. Or st least physical felt like it.

Whew got so tired of being sick. But yes did binge on a lot of shows, but really who remembers.

Learned the pleasure of home made recipes for a cough. Hot tea from fresh ginger, garlic anise and honey. Learned to love the smell of menthal chest rub, and the power of a warm shower not only to refresh the body but for its ability to help heal the body.

As I reclaim my life, slowly, am so happy to start seeing friends and to begin taking walks the streets of Buenos Aires again.

Will got to a couple of Milongas this week, and see if the body remembers how to dance. (Was able to practice a few times this past month, but hmmm my strength is still pretty weak, so have to work on building up endurance.)

Meanwhile am posting a couple of video links that I have come across that are both on different aspects of Tango.

Both are wonderful, experiential in nature and very enjoyable.

The first is from my friends at Tango Guapo and it shows the vitality of our Tango community in Buenos Aires.

The second link is from a Danish filmaker, Joergen Erik Assentoft who lives here in Buenos Aires and loves Tango and it’s stories.

Disfrutas tu vida.. La Vida es Tango. Ruth

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