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Buenos Aires, Argentina

February 24, 2023

Tango dancing. All the pretty dancers are returning to this city. All the milongas are packed every day. Tango dancing. And inflation is 95%. Must be back in Buenos Aires. 

Tango dancing now when the weather is warm, one hopes the milonga air conditioning works good. While the sun continually beats down on the pavement, makes walking a bit more difficult. Cross the street and the temperature drops by many degrees. So much easier to walk.  I would recommend walking in the shade.

Be Aware, You are not in Kansas anymore!!!

Always be aware of your phone and your bag. Kind people on the bus inform you that your zipper is undone on the pocket of your backpack. You explain to her it’s ok …as it is the place waiting for the return of your phone to be zipped up!!!

Stop and look in the store windows when you want to view your phone…or even on the bus.

Explore the streets of Buenos Aires, as many barrios [neighborhoods] are different from each other. Some are very run down and  lots of garbage is on the streets. In another barrio, the streets are clean and pristine. But you do have to watch out for the sidewalks. Years ago, it was all the dog dodo but now it is all the broken and crooked tiles. Be careful!!!

Explore the city

Most of all this city is the parks. Walk 6 – 8 blocks  and there is a park or a green intersection with a grand monument to a long dead hero.

There are big parks as Parque Botanico and the Parques del  Palermo, complete with few lakes. Or the smaller space of Parque Lopez around the corner from my apartment, and of course there is Cementerio Recoleta.

This is such a great walking city ..or take a bus.

BUT enjoy this city!.

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Archives: February 21, 2021
Dancing in the park 1
Tango at the park in front of Congreso Building on Entre Rios in Buenos Aires Photo:
Tango in the Park

I hear the music of Tango  and I know there is tango dancing. The song playing is a version of Adios Pampa Mia. It’s so wonderful to hear the strains of music in the air.  Tonight in Buenos Aires, the weather is perfect. Truly very little humidity and just enough warmth that does not require a jacket. Dancing in the park.


Entering the park in front of the Congreso De la Nacion on Entre Rios Y Avenida Hipolito Yrigoyen. I see the beautiful old- fashioned three moon park lights that are in the park. Walking across the park grass, I gaze at the dancers on the floor. Men dancing with woman. Men dancing with men. All dancing Tango

More Tango in the park

They are up on a small platform. The floor looks like it is a marble-based tiles. The space is very intimate and cozy. There are a few couples tango dancing some with masks and some without. As I look around me, I see a few people I have not seen since the milongas closed last March. Almost a year! 

OMG. SO happy to see these folks we give each other a hug! An embrace. That long forgotten feeling. And it does feel good. Am so HAPPY.

SO yes, TANGO dancing is slowly coming back in BsAs.

Just thought you might want to know.

There are rumblings of indoor Milongas in July… so maybe the border will open?

Its’ Argentina !


Dancing in the park 2
Tango in the park Photo:

January 13th 2021

It is now mid month of January, and we are experiencing anew quarantine. In Buenos Aires proper, we must be indoors by Midnight and stay there until 6am, unless we are essential workers. As it is summer, this restriction is not as bad as the restrictions imposed on Northern Hemisphere countries.

The reason for this newest restriction is the under 35 crowd has been partying without masks and gathering in very large numbers, doing all those things expected of them. Drinking. Drugging. Rocking out.

What’s the risk worth

SO sad as these kids who might not be at risk, am sure some do not even care anymore as we are all experiencing coronavirus fatigue.

Perhaps, they do not realize the impact they might have on their parents or even grandparents, accidentally giving them the virus! Its’ Argentina!!!

Have heard of a few outdoor milongas at Parque Las Heras, Parque Lezama in San Telmo and in Chacabuco. But unfortunately, I cannot dance on cement as my knees will no longer take kindly to that.

Recently, Club El Nuevo Gricel has started lessons with a practika afterward. Limited to people who register, masks are worn, no rotating. And only in the space for 2 hours. So the whispers of tango might be starting. It’s Argentina!!!

Now the numbers

Now the numbers for the virus are on the rise for infections and deaths. In the last month, there have been a few super spreader events, the death of Maradona the super futbol star and the marches, protests and then passage of the abortion bill.

So this new restriction is on until the January 30th. Incoming International flights are only for returning Argentineans and essential workers. All travelers must present a negative test for corvid taken within the last 72 hours.

Flights currently are only incoming from Paraguay & Chile. Internal travel is allowed depending on the province and the restrictions in place there.

And when we return

AS there are signs of life to this county’s economy, the level of poverty has increased greatly. People sleeping on the streets has become more common, selling of little boxes of tissues for small change more common and any more families are now seen on the streets.

There is no government safety program here. I give pesos mostly to woman with children and the older woman. It is summer here now. But the fall will come.

The plans to vaccinate the older population are moving forward. WE will see how everything falls together. After all it’s Argentina!!!

Abrazo Grande Ruth!




Feliz Navidad & Nuevo Anos !

Me dancing with man
Remembering the days!

Hola, Its almost the New Year 2021. Argentina is not presently open to International tourism, only visitors from Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay are allowed into the country unless you have family here or are an essential worker.

Tango dancing. No indoor milongas. There are a few milongas outdoors in the parks in San Telmo, Palermo and Villa Crespo, maybe even La Bo. If that’s of interest check out Facebook and soon the new and updated Hoy Milonga

The weather is delicious, and the outdoor cafes and restaurants are still going strong. The mood in the city is one of expectations for ie vaccine and testing to end the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the return to “normal” is in my opinion at least 9 months away, minimum. We all are wearing masks to stay safe but also the mask acts as a continual reminder of melancholia we all feel.

SO TURN UP THE TANGO MUSIC AND TANGO DANCE IN YOUR HOME. Remember how good Tango feels, how we embrace each other and feel the connection to each other. And we move!

Besitos, Ruth 12/26/2020

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